Fruit to Go Popsicles

Fruit to Go Popsicles


A refreshing treat on a hot day ... or any day!

  • Prep Time:  15-20 minutes
  • Freeze Time:  6-8 hours
  • Makes:  12 servings



3 cups
watermelon (about 1/4 - 1/2 a watermelon)
1 cup
fresh strawberries, chopped
SunRype Apple Strawberry Watermelon Fruit to Go (cut into small pieces)


Cut watermelon into chunks and then puree in a blender until smooth. Add strawberries and puree with the watermelon. Set aside.

Fill each popsicle mold with SunRype Apple Strawberry Watermelon Fruit to Go. Pour in puree until each mold is full to the top. Place a popsicle stick into each one. Place in the freezer.

When ready to serve, run the popsicle molds under warm water for a few seconds and then pull each one out. Enjoy!